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WynActive Lockers

Tutorials and FAQ's page

FOR CASUAL USE - click here

WYNACTIVE members - click here


  1. Assign New Locker.
  2. You can select Okay to the suggested locker on the screen or you can click the select button (this will then give you a range of available lockers to choose from).
  3. Once you have selected a locker scan your casual wristband or members band.


NO – If you are coming to grab an item out of the locker and would like to still use that same locker, please select NO. This will prevent the system from un-assigning your locker from your band. 

YES – If you are finished with the lockers and will not be back to use them, please select Yes. This will unassign the locker from your band and you will not be able to use that locker again. 

Click assign new locker and click select. A whole range of available lockers will appear and then select any locker and tap your band to assign it. 

Casual use: Scan your causal wristband on the red laser and hold it there until shown on the screen above

Members: Scan your band on the black circular RFID scanner attached is an M logo

Casual wristbands can be purchased from our services team at the front desk for $2.

If you cannot access your locker and need it to be opened. Please head to the front desk with the number of your locker and kindly ask if they could open it on the system.