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Welcome to the Find your 30- Wynopoly Summer edition.

Whether you are commuting or just looking for a great leisure experience, Skeleton Creek is another great option for some great bike trails and walking paths for you to explore the area you live in and stay active.

Skeleton Creek
Key Plan

Optional Challenge: WynActive Fitness Coach Nath takes you through the highlights of Skelton Creek. Try and find 10,000 steps in the day then treat yourself to a picnic.

The Skeleton Creek share trail meanders along the creek allowing visitors to explore all the natural values at their leisure. A series of interpretative signage is found along the trail from Point Cook Road down to the border of Cheetham wetlands.

The Skeleton Creek Trail consists of two sections.

  • The first section winds its way through residential estates from Leakes Road, Tarneit heading south to Old Geelong Road. There are multiple entry points and this section of the trail connects to the Federation Trail at the Viaduct before Old Geelong Road.
  • The second section is south of the Princes Freeway starting at Boardwalk Estate, Point Cook, running along both sides of Skeleton Creek as far as the Cheetham Wetlands. You will travel through Point Cook, Seabrook and Sanctuary Lakes. Just before you get to the Cheetham Wetlands there is a bridge to cross the creek and head to Altona Meadows.  You can connect to the Bay Trail here.

Why not try one of the many trails available HERE

Once you visit Skelton Creek you will be amazed you didn’t get there sooner!