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Welcome to the Find your 30- Wynopoly Summer edition.

Why not take a road trip to somewhere
The Little River area provides a spectacular landscape with significant native grasslands, remnant river red gums, scenic rocky escarpments and the You Yangs as the backdrop.

Little river
Key Plan

Sites to Visit

  • McNaughton’s Reserve: You Yangs Road, Little River
  • Rothwell Reserve: Have a picnic and look out over the River towards Rothwell Bridge, a beautiful old bluestonebridge. Rothwell Road, Little River
  • Pub Flats: Take a nice stroll along the Little River

No-one expects that you would stay the night – but take a look at the original town pub. Now Little River Bed and Breakfast.  So much history and famous for appearing in many movies including Mad Max. 

For further info please Click Here for the Wyndham Council website.