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Welcome to the Find your 30- Wynopoly Summer edition.

Welcome to the Find Your 30

Wynopoly: Tokyo Games Edition

Try out 14 of the world’s best sports and activities right here in Wyndham and have fun finding your 30 minutes of daily physical activity. Play it once, play at home or play it again, there are new activities, challenges and locations for you to explore. Wynopoly is suitable for families and individuals of all abilities and fitness levels. Check out more details on how to play Wynopoly: Tokyo Games edition below. Dates: June 28th to July 25th 2021

Most of us will never be an Olympian or Paralympian, but that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy our own level of sport and physical activity! As we build up to watching and celebrating the performances of Australia’s athletes in Tokyo, join millions of Australians involved in sport at the community level, and improve your health, have fun and stay connected. Did you know?

  • 10.4 million people in Australia aged 15 years+ participate in an Olympic sport, while 2.9 million kids aged 0 to 14 years participate in an organised Olympic sport.
  • Australians who identify as having a long-term disability or physical condition that restricts their life in some way also like to participate in Olympic and Paralympic sports – a third (32%) play an Olympic sport and a quarter (26%) play a Paralympic sport.

(Source: AusPlay Focus: Australians’ participation and involvement in summer Olympic and Paralympic sports)

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Rules of the game

Have fun finding your 30 minutes of daily physical activity and discover what WynActive & Wyndham has to offer.

How to play:

  • Wynopoly: Tokyo Games edition runs from Monday 28th June to Sunday 25th July.
  • There are 14 Wynopoly sports, how many can you complete across the 4 weeks?
  • Try a sport at home, join in at a location, an organised Come and Try session or complete a challenge.
  • You may start and finish at any location and complete the sports & locations on the board in any order.
  • Click on each sport and location page to find out activities, challenges and details of any free Come and Try activities available.
  • Unlock a free visit pass when you land on an AquaPulse or Eagle Stadium square. *Redeem your free visit pass by showing a copy of your registration confirmation email.
  • Either print off a Wynopoly: Tokyo Games edition Board game card from your email or collect one from Eagle Stadium or AquaPulse.
  • Use the game card to tick off the sport/ location once completed.
  • At the end of Wynopoly, follow the instructions on your registration email to submit your game card and redeem your electronic medal. 
  • To score a Bronze medal complete 5 sports, Silver medal complete 9 and Gold complete 12 or more. 
  • Visit Eagle Stadium, show your game card and borrow one of our Bronze, Silver of Gold medals and take your photo to share your success!
  • Looking for something different, to inspire you and help you relax? Check out our ‘Get creative’ activity page

Remember to:

  • Always be respectful of other users of the parks, reserves, facilities and shared trails, Wynopoly and Wyndham is for everyone.
  • Please ensure you maintain social distancing and adhere to current COVID restrictions set out by the State Government.
  • When cycling on Wyndham’s shared paths please stay on the left and give way to pedestrians.
  • Encourage your friends and family to register and join you on your Wynopoly challenge.
  • Have fun and enjoy the activities you like doing the most to achieve your 30 minutes of daily physical activity.

Any questions?

Contact WynActive at findyour30@westernleisureservices.com.au or on 8734 5678.

WynActive and Wyndham City Council thank Wyndham’s sports clubs and associations who are working with us to offer free Come and Try activities as part of Wynopoly.

Wynopoly has Begun!