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Welcome to the Find your 30 - Wynopoly Tokyo Games edition.


Play it Once

Wyndham City is hosting an All Aboard Skateboarding Session to help kids and adults of all ages learn the basics and develop their tips and tricks.  

Beginners and first-timers are encouraged to attend. Safety equipment and dedicated male and female instructors will be available to help you through – no bookings required.

  • Saturday 14 August, 11:00am-3:30pm
  • Baden Powell Skate Park, Baden Powell Drive, Tarneit 3029
    • 11:00am to 1:00pm – 6 to 12 years 
    • 1:30pm-3:30pm – 13 years+
  • No bookings required
Play it Again

Check out some of the wonderful skate park locations in Wyndham. Ride or scoot your ways across a variety of obstacles suitable for all levels.

  • Loyola Reserve, Werribee
  • Riverwalk Park, Werribee
  • Presidents Park, Wyndham Vale
  • Mossfiel Reserve, Hoppers Crossing
  • Boardwalk Boulevard Reserve, Point Cook
  • Price Reserve, Werribee South

Skateboarding like most other physical activities is inherently dangerous. Check out some recommendations from the Victoria Skateboarding Association to help reduce the risks to you and others here.

You can view more learn-to-skate opportunities in Wyndham and around Victoria here.

The History of Skateboarding in the Olympics

Skateboarding is one of the five new sports to be introduced in Tokyo and promises to bring a whole new level of excitement and action to the Games.

Skateboarding is considered an ‘extreme-sport’ traditionally characterised by someone riding a small board mounted on a set of wheels and trucks and challenges your balance, coordination and muscular endurance. The sport begun to gain popularity in Venice Beach, Los Angles during the 1960’s following the rising participation in Surfing (another new sport for Tokyo in 2021) and is often popular with young people.

Did you know?

The first skateboard trick is attributed to Alan Gelfand and he called this trick an ollie. He was able to get his board into the air in a bowl without touching it. People thought it was trickery when they opened their skateboard magazine.

In Tokyo skaters will complete in one of two disciplines:

Street – similar to the skatepark you would see in the local community with a mix of ramps, rails & benches. Competitors have a set time to execute a “run” with a mix of tricks of their choosing to achieve the highest score.

Park – a throwback to the origins of the sport where skaters navigate ramps and bowls to mix tricks and achieve high air time.

Competitions will take place across two days – Street – 25th & 26th July, and Park – 4th & 5th August 2021.