Reopening Roadmap

Traffic Lights



As we head into Summer WynActive is introducing a traffic light system to help you plan your journey to the pool. 

With COVID Restrictions we have less room than before, so we are introducing traffic lights as an easy way for you to see our current status at AquaPulse and Werribee Outdoor Pool, in real-time.

Maximum attendee numbers are necessary for WynActive to adhere to COVID-19 restrictions, which are subject to change at very short notice. WynActive is also limited by what services it can currently offer, for further information please see our Frequently Asked Questions page.

WynActive is anticipating a busy summer period, and thanks you for your understanding. Checking our status before you plan your trip to the pool, will help avoid disappointment.

The traffic light status will be displayed on digital signage at AquaPulse and Werribee Outdoor Pool, and on our website throughout this summer.


GREEN – Indicates we have plenty of room

AMBER – We are nearing capacity (approximately 2/3rds capacity)

RED – We have reached capacity (lock out) and unable to admit more patrons (full capacity)

GREY – We are CLOSED as per normal operating hours