Reopening Roadmap

Keeping our sites clean

wynactive’s response to COVID-19

We have significantly increased our cleaning regime and it is here to stay.  This includes the use of disinfectant in all areas of the facility. Special attention is given to the cardio equipment, weights, pin-loaded machines and all high-touch surfaces after every use. All equipment, including group fitness equipment, will be cleaned between every use and additional cleaning and disinfection of studios and changerooms will be completed frequently.

The health and wellbeing of our customers is our highest priority. 

Routine Cleaning and disinfection

Cleaning means physically removing dirt and organic matter from surfaces.

Disinfecting means using chemicals to kill organisms on surfaces. It’s important that we clean before disinfecting because organic matter and dirt can reduce the ability of disinfectants to kill harmful organisms, such as viruses and bacteria.

WynActive will ensure all surfaces are cleaned and disinfected by using a combined detergent and disinfectant. Special attention will be given to frequently touched surfaces (e.g. tabletops, door handles, light switches, desks, toilets, taps, gym equipment, changeroom surfaces and other equipment). Frequently touched surfaces will be disinfected multiple times per day by our Safety Attendant Team and professionally cleaned and disinfected by cleaners every night. 

Giving you access to cleaning products 

WynActive has increased the number of hand wash and wipes dispensers available to the public and will be ensuring everyone wipes down their equipment before and after every use. Wipes, disinfectants and sprays available for use by members of the public contain alcohol in a concentration of at least 70%. Soaps and hand wash contain detergent or soap.

To be effective in the prevention of spreading COVID-19, you should regularly wash your hands for at least 20 seconds with soap and water.

"I can't begin to thank ALL staff at ALL levels for the amazing work that has gone into re-opening after a few months of closure. We members don't get to see the tireless commitment involved to ensure that your members are able to attend classes and workout in a safe, sterilised and hygienic environment. I feel safer about attending the gym than going shopping."

What do we use for routine cleaning?

Cleaning hard surfaces

In most circumstances, cleaning is undertaken with detergent and hot water. It’s old fashioned, but it’s effective and it works and is completed on all reachable surfaces at least once daily.

Cleaning soft or porous surfaces

For soft or porous surfaces like fabric or leather, detergent is used. If more thorough cleaning is needed, fabric surfaces will be steam cleaned. Leather has special cleaning requirements to ensure the leather is not damaged during the cleaning.

If soft or porous surfaces require regular cleaning, such as seats in offices, it may be more effective to use a removable, washable or disposable cover. You may notice these covers in place, these will be cleaned or replaced as regularly as we would clean other soft surfaces.

When training in the gym and group fitness space you must carry and use a towel to shield yourself from contact with soft surfaces on the equipment.

What do we use to disinfect surfaces?

Disinfecting hard surfaces

Generic disinfectants are deemed suitable for use on hard surfaces. Disinfectants in use at WynActive include alcohol-based disinfectant in a concentration of at least 70%, chlorine bleach in a concentration of 1000 parts per million, or sprays that contain quaternary ammonium compounds. These chemicals will be labelled as ‘disinfectant’ on the packaging and must be diluted or used following the instructions on the packaging to be effective. WynActive is also deploying disinfectant fogging where appropriate, by trained and licenced technicians. 

Disinfecting soft or porous surfaces

Disinfectant is not suitable on some fabric surfaces as it only works with extended contact time with the surface. for this reason, most public access furniture has been removed. Disinfectant, of types similar to those mentioned above, are regularly used to disinfect leather and vinyl surfaces throughout the gym and fitness areas. Other soft and porous surfaces, such as carpets and furniture are cleaned at least weekly, by way of steam cleaning and fogging, where appropriate, by trained and licenced technicians.