#FindYour30 Timetable

WynActive are ecstatic to continue to bring you live and interactive fitness classes so everyone can "Find your 30, do it your way".

April 17, 2020

WynActive is ecstatic to continue to bring everyone live and interactive fitness classes so that you can “Find your 30, do it your way”

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Fitness timetable Monday 20th April – Sunday 26th April, Find your 30, do it your way!

The WynActive team has launched a number of initiatives aimed at providing the whole community with support and assistance.

Initiatives include:

  • Immediate cessation of all charges until the centres reopen
  • Two daily exercise classes with WynActive instructors via Facebook: a 30-minute live class at 9am and a pre-recorded class that can be adapted to any length at 2pm
  • Launch of the ‘Connect’ program involving support phone calls to all community members to check-in and alleviate potential negative effects of social isolation
  • The ‘Find Your 30 – Do It Your Way’ campaign which provides ideas and support for people to undertake at least 30 minutes of exercise per day
  • A daily Quote of the Day across WynActive social channels to help support and inspire the Wyndham community
  • The launch of WynActive Webcasts broadcast on all WynActive socials and the website featuring conversations with notable people within the community on coping with social isolation

Classes are scheduled live on the WynActive Facebook page and are free and accessible to everyone. If you find you are unable to join at the nominated time, you can find all our previous live videos in the videos tab to the side of the page. www.facebook.com/wynactive

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Chief Executive Officer, Alison Dixon, said that WynActive was an integral part of the Wyndham community and supporting the broader community through difficult times was a key priority.

“The WynActive team has responded brilliantly to these unusual circumstances. We have a passionate team who just want to help,” she said.

“We are reaching out not only to our members, but to the whole community through our welfare phone calls, our fitness videos, our webcasts and our continual presence on social media.

“A number of the stories I have heard really show that some people are doing it tough and are very grateful for the contact from the team. If we can help just one person then it has been worthwhile,” said Ms Dixon.

A new website to assist the community to access important information (videos and social media) has been fast-tracked, is now live at www.wynactive.com.au and all initiatives have been linked to the Wyndham City’s ‘Wyndham Together’ website www.wyndhamtogether.com.au.