Find Your 30

We’d love to hear how you found your 30!

Find Your 30, Do It Your Way’, is the latest collaboration between Wyndham City and WynActive. The aim was to inspire everyone within the community to complete 30 minutes of activity each day, when, where and how it suits you. Do it your way!

To help you find your 30, WynActive collaborated with our Fitness Coaches & sporting clubs to put together avenues of fitness to help individualise your experience. Each avenue was accompanied with a combination of fitness tips and classes both prerecorded and live.

Pick out of the interests below and click on the tab to get content specific to what you enjoy:

  • Fitness at Home – Group fitness and gym sessions that can be done in the comfort of your own home with no to minimal equipment. These exercise sessions vary in style and intensity, so there is something for everyone to enjoy.
  • Active Kids – Fun fitness and sport sessions designed for all kids and families to get up and moving at home. Delivered by the WynActive team and a variety of Wyndham sporting partners, sessions are tailored throughout the week for different age groups; 3-6yrs, 7-12yrs and 13-18yrs
  • Walking & Riding – Enjoy the benefits of walking and riding by utilizing Wyndham Parks & Trails within 5 kilometres of your home. For all ages and fitness levels.
  • All Abilities – A wide range of sport and fitness activities to join in at home to support people living with a disability finding their weekly physical activity

    We’d love to hear how you found your 30! Tag us on social media using the hashtags #findyour30 #doityourway #WynActive #wereinthistogether #wyndhamtogether #activewyndham or drop us an email at