COVID-19 Staff Information

Updated 3 June 2020

Working From Home

WLS has always committed to creating a workplace culture and environment in which employees balance work and personal priorities, according to the needs of the organisation and the flexibility program is reviewed annually with each employee.

Due to COVID-19, the Workplace Flexibility Corporate Procedure is currently under review and will adapt to the changes that will be imposed on businesses moving forward.

All employees who will be working from home will need to complete a Workplace Flexibility Application form and a Home Office Self-Assessment Checklist.  An updated version will be available shortly.

Can I choose to work from a WLS facility or public place rather than working from home?

No, working from home means working from home. Your health and safety is our main priority and we are following guidelines for social distancing when approving staff to work from home.

Unpaid / Voluntary Work

Should you wish to pass the time and complete any work whilst you are stood down, a request to undertake unpaid / voluntary work needs to be directed to the P&P Manager via email at  This will ensure transparency and an overview, confirming that:

  • You understand that should your request be approved, this is on a voluntary, unpaid basis
  • You understand that you are under no obligation to do this and can cease at any time by contacting your Line Manager and/or P&P Manager
  • You understand that we jointly have an obligation to ensure your health and wellbeing. Should you have any concerns about your health and safety you will immediately advise me, your Line Manager or Jeremy Johnson (Risk and Governance Manager)