COVID-19 Staff Information

Updated 3 June 2020

Stand Downs and Pay

What is Stand Down? 

Under the WLS Contract of Employment and the Fair Work Act, there are provisions for an employer can stand down an employee, without pay, if there is a stoppage of work for any cause for which the employer cannot reasonably be held responsible.  An order of closure by a Government body is outside of our control and therefore we must comply. 

Does Stand Down mean my employment has been terminated? 

No, staff who are stood down remain a valuable employee of WLS.  We intend to reverse stand downs when the business is in a position to do so, for instance, when facilities reopen or when  

Are staff paid through the Stand Down period? 

Under the Stand Down clause in section 524 of the Fair Work Act, an employer is not required to make payments to the employee for the stand down period.  On this basis, WLS regrets to advise that due to these extraordinary events outside of our control, we are unable to pay employees during the stand down period. 

All employees will remain a valuable employee and continual employment service will accrue. 

All permanent employees will continue to accrue leave the usual way. 

Is my job secure? 

Permanent staff will return to their usual roles after the Stand Down period ends. 

Casual staff will be rostered as needed. 

There may not be shifts immediately available for casual staff in some work areas after the closure. 

Can employees attend information webinars while on Stand Down? 

Absolutely! As a valued employee we encourage you to stay informed and connected with the business and your co-workers over the stand down period. 

How do I support my team if I am on Stand Down? 

The responsibility for supporting your team will be assigned to your Line Manager or another nominated person.  They will also support you while you are on Stand Down. 

Do I need to return my work laptop?

As you are still a valued employee, you can keep any work equipment you may have eg. laptop or screen. Please note that expectations outlined in the ICT policy still apply.

Will I still have access to my work email and ESS?

Yes. As you remain a valued employee, access to email and ESS will continue.

What should my email out of office notification say if I’m on Stand Down? 

Thank you for your email. 

I am currently not at work and this mailbox will not be attended.  Please direct your query to (insert your Line Managers name or the nominated person) at (insert email address). 

Kind regards, 

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