Private: COVID-19 Staff Information

Updated 3 June 2020

Opportunities for Staff

Keeping in Touch

Whilst you have stood down there is no obligation to keep in contact.  However, we encourage employees to keep in touch.

  • Keep in touch with announcements and general information via Slack
  • Regularly check this staff information webpage for updates and information
  • Join a team for the Push-Up Challenge
  • Email / Slack message your Line Manager / nominated contact with questions
  • Follow WynActive on social media and watch webcasts and workouts

Working for Victoria

The “Working for Victoria” scheme provides opportunities for those who are looking for work eg. have been stood down or had their income reduced to be matched to available jobs from employers who have registered.  Amongst many other employers, Council has registered on this site and if they are successful in gaining funding, there may be opportunities to be re-engaged or offered alternative work during the shut-down period.

Should you wish to be considered for alternative work, via Council’s submission on behalf of WLS or any of the other registered employers, I strongly suggest that you register on the website over the weekend. ( 

By registering, you are not committing to anything but will be sent vacancies that match with your registration details. You can then decide whether to pursue these opportunities.