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Updated 3 June 2020

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Message from Western Leisure Services CEO – Ms Alison Dixon

20 July, 2020

As we are now in our 2nd week of Lockdown2.0, the realisation of restrictions and closures of business is definitely upon us all. I hope you are all well and taking the time to adjust to the changing rules and regulations, as well as taking time out for yourselves. We are all hoping that the lockdown ends in 6 weeks as the government initially announced, however, we are reminded daily of the numbers of new COVID-19 cases and the challenges faced by Victoria in getting the virus under control.

Unfortunately, I am not given any advance notice of announcements made by the Prime Minister or Victorian Premier. However, the Executive Team meet frequently to discuss any announcements made and communicate the impacts on you, and the business, as quickly as possible.  Please follow the government directions in relation to social distancing, the wearing of masks and hygiene practices so that we can all do our bit to slow the spread.

It is wonderful to hear and see that so many of you are keeping in contact with your line manager or P&P to share your feedback, thoughts and concerns. Thank you again for your support and patience during this difficult time and I really hope to be able to welcome you back, sooner rather than later.

For those staff who are not currently stood-down, over the next few days, Mel Delibasic will provide you with a letter outlining your employment status over the four weeks commencing 27 July.

However long it takes for us to open our doors again, our wonderful team remain a top priority. I encourage you to continue to reach out to your Line Manager or the P&P team should you have any questions, concerns or feedback.

Stay safe and look out for each other.
Alison #oneteam

Message from Western Leisure Services CEO – Ms Alison Dixon

7 July, 2020

Following the announcement from the Premier and Victorian Chief Health Officer about increasing numbers of coronavirus (COVID-19) cases in Victoria, the Victorian Government is applying “Stay at Home” restrictions to Metropolitan Melbourne from midnight 8 July 2020.

It is once again with a heavy heart that I advise you that from close of business on Wednesday 8 July 2020, AquaPulse and Eagle Stadium will once again close to the public, for a period of six weeks.

Your employment with WLS if of our highest priority and we will be issuing further information regarding your entitlements, options and work requirements as quickly as possible.Whilst our re-opening has been short, the way in which the entire team has worked together has been wonderful and we will do this once again in a few weeks.

Thank you for being patient during this period of uncertainty and maintaining professionalism and great service. My thoughts are with you and your loved ones at this difficult time.

Stay safe, take care and look out for one another
Alison #oneteam

Message from Western Leisure Services P&P Manager – Melissa Delibasic

2 June, 2020

Hi WLS Team,

As we embark on the re-opening of AquaPulse and Eagle Stadium on Monday, 22nd June, the Department Managers and Coordinators have officially started to implement their departmental actions from our consolidated Recovery Plan as part of our #Wynactivate2.0 project.

As the restrictions are being gradually eased, which has enabled us to open, the facilities have been zoned to maximise capacity and communication to our members about how they can access our wonderful centres, and the options available has already commenced. This communication will be a constant feature for the foreseeable future.

The planning to re-engage / “stand-up” our staff has been carefully considered, is gradual and will follow guiding principles which align with Government restrictions and approved financial support from Wyndham City Council.

Your line Manager will discuss your employment with you as soon as possible, followed by communications from the P&P department.

Our CEO constantly reminds us of her hopes to open the facilities and welcome everyone back….so it’s not too far away now!

It’s an exciting time for us all and will be wonderful to see the first phase of our #Wynacivate2.0 project come together on 22 June. Take care of yourself and each other, be kind and be safe and hopefully see you all soon!!

Mel Delibasic

Message from Western Leisure Services CEO – Ms Alison Dixon

29 May, 2020

Hi Everyone,

I am very pleased to advise that we will be re-opening AquaPulse and Eagle Stadium on Monday 22 June 2020.  In line with Government restrictions the opening of the centres will be gradual, and hours of opening will be reduced initially.  We anticipate being able to offer the following to our members on a sessional basis:

o  50m pool with a limit of 20 patrons
o  Warm Water Pool with a limit of 20 patrons
o  Gym with a limit of 20 people
o  Group Fitness classes with a limit of 10 people
o  The slides, splashpark, 25m pool, spa, steam room, sauna will remain closed
o  There will be no LTS program or creche initially until restrictions are eased 

Eagle Stadium
o  Gym with a limit of 20 people
o  Group Fitness classes with a limit of 10 people
o  Court space (minimum 7) with a limit of 10 people per space
o  Limited creche service
o  There will be no competition sport 

Werribee Outdoor Pool
o  Will remain closed until the usual summer season

What does this mean for you?
We have already begun the process of re-engaging staff on a gradual basis as required. 
Staff who are central to reactivating and developing processes and systems, the engagement of staff, members and hirers, rostering and risk and safety, in preparation for reopening will be gradually returned over the next 3 weeks. Those front-line staff who are required upon re-opening will undertake training during the week commencing 15 June in preparation for opening our doors on 22 June.  When we are able to broaden the programs and services provided, more team members will be engaged.

The environment that you come back to will be different from our pre COVID-19 operations and you will notice some physical changes.  As you return to work, you will be required to undertake COVID-19 training, to ensure your safety and that of patrons at all times. Procedures specifically related to the new environment are being developed which will provide guidance to all staff on what to expect and outline the personal responsibilities of us all in maintaining a safe workplace.I am sure you will have many questions about our reopening and you will receive further, more detailed, information shortly from your line manager and the P&P team

I am very much looking forward to welcoming you all back over time.Stay safe, be kind and look out for one another.
Alison #oneteam #Wynactivate2.0

Message from Western Leisure Services CEO – Ms Alison Dixon

25 May, 2020

Hi Everyone 

The Victorian Premier announced a number of changes yesterday including:

  • From 1st of June, indoor and outdoor swimming pools can be opened to a maximum of 20 patrons per separate enclosed space.
  • From 22 June, indoor sports centres and venues can be opened with up to 20 people allowed per separate enclosed space, subject to the four square metre rule and up to 10 people per group/activity
  • From 22 June, indoor physical recreation (e.g. gyms, health clubs, class fitness studios) can be opened with up to 20 people allowed per separate enclosed space, subject to the four square metre rule and up to 10 people per group/activity 

We received this message from the Premier and Department of Health and Human Services yesterday, at the same time it was issued to the public. Using the substantial scenario planning that we have done to date, we are assessing what this means for us and determining the best course of action to reactivate our centres. The reopening of the centres will be undertaken by closely following guidelines issued by the government and industry bodies.

At this stage we cannot commit to opening our pools as of the 1st of June, as we require time to ensure that we receive the required funding from Council and that the facilities are properly prepared, cleaned and resourced for a re-start of programs and re-opening.  We are however hoping that we will be able to open albeit with restrictions in place, from 22 June 2020. I will provide you with further updates as soon as possible.

With the relaxing of restrictions, it is now more important than ever to be safe and sensible. The safety of you and our patrons will be our primary focus when we reopen our facilities.Stay stay, be kind and look out for each other.
Alison #oneteam

Message from Western Leisure Services P&P Manager – Melissa Delibasic

19 May, 2020

We have been and continue to closely monitor the daily advice, guidance and instructions from peak bodies, Federal and State Government and how the easing of restrictions is being implemented in other States.  In particular the Federal Government 3-Step Framework for a COVID-19 Australia, the State Government Restricted Activity Directions, Safe Work Australia Guidelines, the Australian Institute of Sport Framework for Rebooting Sport in a COVID-19 Environment and the Basketball Australia Return to Sport Guidelines have been extremely informative documents. 

With the restrictions gradually starting to be lifted, we are spending a significant amount of time planning and preparing for reopening taking into consideration the many scenarios which may play out.  The #WynActivate2.0 project will lay the foundations for our road to recovery and we are hopeful that what we once knew as “normal” is not too far away, however, in the meantime, daily variations of “normal” keep us all on our toes.

The entire leadership of WLS remain in awe of the extraordinary professionalism and resilience that our team have shown and we have all learned a great deal. Above all we have learnt that when we share our successes, frustrations and disappointments in respectful and genuine ways, everyone benefits.

While we now have been given some guidance on what re-opening may look like, there are still many questions which the Government are working through to provide more clarity to our industry.  What we do know is that the transition to re-opening will be gradual and as we plan and coordinate a number of possible scenarios, the main goal will be to ensure the safety and wellbeing of our staff and our community.

If you have registered on the Working for Victoria website, this may provide you with opportunities that may arise and be suitable during our closures.  To enable us to quickly take advantage of any vacancies advertised through Council, which could include WLS-related work, can you please advise me if you are registered by sending me an email?

Please stay safe, take care of yourselves and each other and we hope to see you all in the not too distant future.

Message from Western Leisure Services CEO – Ms Alison Dixon

April 29, 2020

Following ongoing discussions with the Board and Council, WLS is able to continue paying all remaining staff until Sunday 10 May. 

However, from Monday 11 May, we are in the unfortunate position where we cannot continue paying all staff.  It is with great sadness that I advise you of our intent to stand down all remaining staff except for a small number of staff who are required to complete essential work.  Those who are completing essential works will be consulted and requested to work reduced hours. Casual employees will be paid for hours worked.

Over the next 24 hours, the GMs, Mel and I will meet with Managers and Coordinators to advise of the personal and team impacts.  You will also receive an email which will explain the consultation and decision-making process, consistent with the Fair Work Act when there is a major workplace change.  Once a final decision is made, you will receive a letter confirming the outcome.

It is important that you understand that if you are stood-down, you remain an employee of WLS and a valuable team member.

If you have not received an individual email by midday Thursday 30 April, please contact Mel on 0413 609 765 or at to ensure that we have your correct contact details.

Working for Victoria

Council has submitted a proposal for funding through the “Working for Victoria” opportunity.  Should this proposal be accepted, WLS may receive State Government funding which will enable some staff to be re-engaged/offered alternative work earlier than anticipated.  Should you want to be considered for alternative work, if the funding is approved, you will need to register on the website (  I would encourage you all to register as soon as possible.

I am very sorry that this CEO update does not bring better news. I understand that this will be a particularly difficult time for you and would encourage you to keep in contact with your line manager, the P&P team or access our free and confidential EAP service on 1300 130 130.

Stay safe, be kind and look out for one another. #oneteam


Alison Dixon, CEO

29 April, 2020

  • Statement from Western Leisure Services’ CEO – Ms Alison Dixon

    It is with a heavy heart that I have this week had to advise 260 Western Leisure Services employees of our intention to stand them down from Monday 27 April 2020.

    Western Leisure Services has continued to pay all employees, since the State Government ordered leisure facilities to close in March.  With no revenue coming in, this is no longer viable.

    Despite operating financially independently of Wyndham Council and being governed by an independent Board of Directors, Western Leisure Services, as a wholly-owned subsidiary of a local government authority, is ineligible to claim the JobKeeper subsidy on behalf of our employees under the current legislation.

    I would like to thank Wyndham City Council for its support in lobbying the State Government for funding assistance and for looking for redeployment opportunities for our employees.

    I remain committed to communicating with and supporting employees wherever possible during this difficult time.

    I very much look forward to the day when I can welcome all employees back into our workplace so that together we can rebuild this wonderful business and continue to build healthy lives.


    Alison Dixon, CEO

    22 April 2020