Check in is required during COVID-19

Please check-in to help us keep you safe during COVID-19

In line with the further easing of restrictions and Government advice, WynActive has
reviewed our “COVID Check In Process” and have adopted the Victorian Government
QR system. By moving to this system we are ensuring that the Victorian
Department of Health tracing system will have easy and timely access to the
information collected.

From Friday 9 April all patrons will be required to “check in” using the Victorian Government
QR check in system as they arrive to the facility. Patrons can scan the QR code
by opening up your smartphone’s camera and allowing it to focus on the code.
The smartphone will then generally identify the code. You will then be prompted
to provide the following information:

  • first name
  • phone number

If you have difficulty “checking in” or do not have a smart phone, one of our friendly
Safety Attendant’s will be available to assist you. Also to ensure maximum
security WynActive strongly recommends that patrons download the Service
Victoria App from the
Google Play Store or Apple App Store.

WynActive is committed to the protection of our patron’s data. All “check in” data will be
stored on secure databases managed by Services Victoria and unless needed for
contract tracing purposes, all data will be destroyed after 28 days.

More information regarding the Victorian Government QR system can be found here
or via the Coronavirus hotline on 1800 675 398.