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All visitors to WynActive facilities (AquaPulse, Eagle Stadium & Werribee Outdoor Pool) will be required to make a booking prior to attending. Spectators and other visitors will not be permitted entry, and all visitors must have a booking.

This is to ensure that we maintain a safe environment for all patrons and employees without compromising our service to the community.

On arrival at the Centre, all visitors will be required to check-in with our safety attendant team, providing us with your name and contact details and answering some questions about your health and wellbeing and your recent travel history. This is in the interest of safety and a requirement of entry. We thank you for your understanding.

Re-activate your Membership Today

You now have the option to take your membership off suspension. Members who chose to re-activate their membership will be given access to book via the Online Booking Platform free of charge. Instead, your fortnightly payment will resume.

To re-activate your membership or for new sales, please email and we will contact you.

Members who do not wish to resume their membership will remain on suspension, at this stage, and will not be charged. Those members may continue to book and pay up-front via the online booking system.

How to Book

  • Select ‘Book Now’ below
  • Choose what part of the facility you would like to make use of
  • Select the date you would like to attend followed by the time
  • Select the “Book Now” button and fill in your details as requested
  • Please have your booking confirmation handy with you when visiting the facility
  • Bookings will be made available on a rolling 5 day period.

For more a more detailed explanation, please see our how to book page, here.

Each booking is a maximum of 50 minutes long with 5 minutes at the start and end to help you get into and out of the centre. Sessions times have been staggered to help in facilitating large numbers of people into and out of the centres. Please be mindful that entrance will be limited per session and will not be permitted more than 10 mins before the start of the session.

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