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Welcome to the Find your 30 - Wynopoly Tokyo Games edition.

December 23, 2020


Play it Once

Have a go at these simple walking and running suggestions:

  • Walk for 30 minutes
  • New to running? Try alternating 1 minute jogging and 1 minute walking for 10-15 minutes
  • Seasoned runner? Run a 5k somewhere new
Play it Again

Head to parkrun for a 5km walk, jog or run – open to first timers and regular runners. (see info below)

Try Point Cook Runners recreational running group

Join 2 sessions for free

  • Tuesdays 6.30pm at Saltwater Reserve – intervals, including an easier version for new people
  • Thursdays 6.30pm at Saltwater Reserve – Social 5km run or walk
  • Sundays 8am, various locations – 5km or 10km run or walk followed by coffee/ breakfast
  • Contact Stephen to let PCR know you are coming pointcookrunners@gmail.com

Try WynFit recreational running group

All sessions free during Wynopoly

  • Tuesdays & Thursdays 6.15pm at Victoria University Athletics Track
  • All fitness levels welcome, sessions are adjusted to suit
  • For more info please go to: wynfit.com Please contact Mark through the ‘contact us’ form to let him know that you are attending.
Play it Again

Give these longer distance challenges a go:

  • Can you complete one of the two Olympic walking distances across our Wynopoly 4 weeks? Try 20k (approximately 4 hours of walking), or 50k (approximately 10 hours).
  • If you’re a runner can you complete the marathon distance – 42.2k over the 4 weeks?

Where to go

Walking and running are a great way to get some fresh air and a break from the daily routine, why not head to your favourite place or find somewhere new by looking at the trails on:

Head out for a 30 minute walk or fit 10 minutes in at three different points along your day as a pick-me-up.

Check out parkrun – a free timed 5k every Saturday at 8am

Head to parkrun.com.au/register to register and print off your bar code, arrive 10 minutes early to hear the pre-run briefing and then head off at your own pace, at the end of the run your bar code will be scanned and your time will be sent to you by SMS/ email. Wyndham parkruns are at Point Cook (Arndell Park) and Wyndham Vale (Presidents Park). Worried about not being fast enough? No need, there is always a ‘Tail Walker’ who is the last person to cross the line.

The History of Walking and Running in the Olympics

Long distance walking and running are some of the oldest forms of competitive sport in the world, dating back hundreds of years.

The marathon was first competed in at the 1896 Olympic Games, however women first competed in the Olympic marathon only as recently as 1984.

Race walking differs from running because one foot must always be in contact with the ground – failure to do so is known as ‘lifting’. The athlete’s front leg must straighten from the point of contact with the ground and remain straight until the body passes over it. Three violations of the rules during a race lead to disqualification. Race walking was first competed in at the Olympic Games in 1956, women first competed in the Olympic race walk in 1992.

Did you know? – Marathon running

The official 42,195 metres resulted from the 1908 Olympic marathon in London where the Start was moved to where the royal children could watch from their nursery at Windsor Castle and finished in front of the Royal box at White City Stadium.

Did you know? – Race walking

In the 19th century, race walking was called ‘pedestrianism’, participants would walk nearly 1,000kms in 6 days in indoor stadiums! The fastest times for 20km are 1 hour 16 minutes for men and 1 hour 23 minutes for women – this is a faster average speed than most people can run 1km!

Watch at the Olympics and Paralympics:

Olympic Race Walk

  • Men’s 20km – Thursday 5th August
  • Women’s 20k and Men’s 50km – Friday 6th August

Olympic Marathon

  • Women –  Saturday 7th August
  • Men –  Sunday 8th August – Jack Reyner from Western Athletics Club will be competing

Paralympic marathon events

  • Women and Men – Sunday 5th September

Other opportunities

Endurance running opportunities for all standards are available at WynFit Recreational Runners and Point Cook Runners.

Western Athletics and Wyndham Track and Field both based at Victoria University Athletics Track, Hoppers Crossing offer a variety of athletics training.